The mission of J-LOVE JEWELRY is to spread beauty and love through the adornment of fine jewelry. Through the use of ancient elements from mother earth, the wearer can express themselves through the color of gemstones, the sparkle of diamonds, and the warmth and texture of luxurious precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. We invite you to explore the divine feminine within and choose pieces that allow the wearer step into their most beautiful, inspired, authentic and sensual selves.

A piece can tell a story of love and romance, they can be a memento of a loved one lost, they can be a reminder or affirmation of what energies to embody in their daily life, a symbol of protection, or piece that represents their sacred sensuality and beauty. It is our wish that when you put on a piece of J-LOVE that it inspires you to be the best version of yourself by remembering how beautiful you are inside and out. When you adorn and cherish yourself you are stepping into that queen frequency and we are here for it.

Gorgeous goddess I make these jewels for YOU to shine brighter.

Jenny Seidel is the founder and creator of J-Love Jewelry. She has nearly a decade of experience working in the world of fine jewelry and has trained with world class teachers all over the country learning, goldsmithing, wax carving, cad modeling, diamond setting, hand engraving, gem cutting, gold inlay, and fine jewelry design so that she can combine her skills and natural talents to create one of a kind pieces from start to finish.

She was the honored recipient of 2 full-ride scholarships to her dream school - the world-renowned GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in 2014 and 2018 for the Graduate Jeweler Program and the Jewelry Design and Technology program where she greatly expanded her skillset as a designer and bench jeweler. She is an Accredited Jewelry Professional through GIA with vast knowledge and experience with diamonds and colored gemstones. She has attended classes at GRS to learn diamond setting with Todd Daniels and the art of hand engraving with master engravers Rick Eaton and Jeff Parke, as well as New Approach School learning micro pavé diamond setting under master craftsman Jason Marchiafava. She is a member of WJA (Women's Jewelry Association).

Jenny's passion and love for gems and the art of jewelry making is the foundation of her path and that love shines through in every piece that she makes.

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Jenny in her home studio in Denver, Colorado